Actuarial Science Curriculum At Illinois

Undergraduate Curriculum

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring
15-16 hours 15 hours 13 hours 13-14 hours 13-14 hours 12-14 hours 13 hours 9 hours
  • course prerequisite chain
  • immediate prerequisite(s) (or concurrent enrollment allowed if listed in the same semester)
  • course corequisite
  • postrequisite course sequence


VEE Economics: (ECON 102 and ECON 103) or (ECON 302 and ECON303)
VEE Accounting and Finance: ACCY200 and (FIN 221 or FIN321 or FIN 521)
VEE Mathematical Statistics: ASRM402 or STAT410

Track Options (ASRM 400-level courses can be clustered into four groups, each of which prepares students for a different area of actuarial practice. Each of the listings below offers the suggested order of coursework in an area of practice.):

  1. Life and Annuities: ASRM 471 and ASRM 409, ASRM 472
  2. Finance and Investment: ASRM 409, ASRM 410
  3. Property and Casualty: ASRM 450, ASRM 461, ASRM 469
  4. Predictive Analytics: ASRM 450, ASRM 451, ASRM 499 (Predictive Analytics)

**You need 120 credits to graduate

This is only a guide; consult with your advisor.